• Yin Yoga ~ Better rounded version of the awesome YOU.

    I’m teaching a Yin practice now at my studio once a week.  I find that for myself this practice has been amazing.  From the amount of physical practice (asana) I do each week combined with my cycling, my body really needs some deep stretching and flexibility “time”.  I have noticed that the morning after the Yin class, my body feels refreshed and I’m more physically prepared for the  Mixed Level Yoga class I teach at 9:00 am.  In addition, I’ve noticed that after I get off my bike, when I take 15 minutes to do 2 Yin postures, I have a better nights sleep because I’m not cramping in my hamstrings.  I think this practice has a lot to offer to everyone.  You do not need “experience”.  This type class is open to anyone who moves.

    This article on MindBodyGreen is very clear and easy to read with a list of benefits on the power of a Yin practice.

    The part I’d like everyone to read is this:

    “Now if you’ve never practiced Yin yoga you might not quite understand how this is so different, but for me Yin has dug deeper than I could have ever gotten otherwise. For my students I often tell them when they are about to try a Yin class that they need to try it three or four times to really make a decision about the practice. Many find immediate benefits like more open hips, a more relaxed body and centered mind. To me, I don’t think one practice is better than the other, but what I would see as beneficial is for the practitioner to see the benefit in each and that there is a need for both. Possibly one benefiting more than the other at times in your life, but a need none-the-less”.
    Some of the benefits of Yin yoga are:
    • Calming and balancing to the mind and body
    • Regulates energy in the body
    • Increases mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips
    • Lowering of stress levels (no one needs that)
    • Greater stamina
    • Better lubrication and protection of joints
    • More flexibility in joints & connective tissue
    • Release of fascia throughout the body
    • Help with TMJ and migraines
    • Deeper Relaxation
    • A great coping for anxiety and stress
    • Better ability to sit for meditation
    • Ultimately you will have a better Yang practice
    • I really do believe that if you incorporate a little of both will create a more well-rounded practice as well as a better-rounded version of the awesome you!
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