• Sun Salutations and developing your Home Practice.

    Starting a home yoga practice can be a bigger challenge than getting to a yoga class..  When I started to develop my home practice, it was so difficult to stay focused on my mat and not drift off to clean something, answer the phone, or do laundry.  I tried everything from switching rooms, playing music, no music, indoors, outdoors, I just couldn’t get it going!  This went on for years.  Then one day I found a book on the yoga postures and sequencing.  I decided to give this a try.  So, with my ever faithful dog near my mat, I started turning pages learning how to put together a sequence.  I had a whole new appreciation for my yoga teachers. I was able to get creative and have FUN with this.

    I realized being in a class is a gift to be able pick up on the energy of others in the room.  That energy helps one to get through the challenging postures in a yoga practice.  Yet I was glad to know that in the times I couldn’t get to a class, I could just get on my mat no matter where I am and practice. This became my only form of practice a year ago when I moved from one state to another and had no place near by to practice, for the first time in 12 years.  I got to my mat 3 times a week and practiced a minimum of 60 minutes, sometimes even longer without really knowing how much time had passed.

    I encourage all the students that come through my yoga studio to give a home practice a shot.  Maybe while on vacation or visiting family.  Start with just completing the Sun Salutations.  That alone is a lot of physical movement.    This picture below is a great place to start.  I usually do 3 of each Sun Salutation.  Just start out with finding a place you can be on your mat and feel at peace, then have fun getting creative.  There are no rules on your mat.  Get playful and develop your freeform yoga practice away from a studio.  ~    Nameste’

    Sun Salutation

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