• Find a Style of Meditation for YOU…

    Ahh, Meditation.  Big question I get is “how long does it take to finally understand meditation”?  I’ll let you know as soon as I figure that out.  For 13 years I’ve been practicing yoga, setting my body up for seated meditation towards the end of practice.  Great, I’m ready!  NO, no I’m not.  As soon as my butt sits on the floor, my “to do” list comes right back to the surface.  In the past year, during an illness, I decided “it’s time to get real with my meditation practice”…  So, little by little I started getting comfortable in my seated position.  Sometimes I’d lay down, or have my legs up the wall, or my back resting against the wall.  I came to realize there are no rules when you are working towards a meditation practice.  Recently I learned “even if you can meditate in bed before rising” just start there.  “Get Interested”!  From my commitment last year I’ve gotten to a 20 minute meditation once per day.  And if I can “drop in” for another one, I do.  I have noticed life slowing down, I’m more aware, I don’t let the “irish” in me out and I don’t react so quickly to something hurtful or judgmental.  I had to figure out “what meditation worked for me” and let go of expectations, and rules.  Just a few weeks ago Oprah and Deepak offerd a 21 day meditation, I did all 21 days, and it was great, except for me, I found myself wanting more.  HA!  Shift happens, again!

    I hope you’ll take the time to read this article, “Find a Style of Meditation for You” from Aura Wellness Center. Good information for all learning to develop a meditation practice.

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