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    My yoga studio has been open 3 weeks now.  It’s been the best time ever.  I moved to this community less than a year ago and developed my dream then made it come true!  It honestly fills my soul to have such awesome people coming out to try YOGA.

    Some of the questions I’m getting are : How many times a week should I do yoga?  Should yoga be this hard?  How come your classes are different, “harder or easier” than the other teachers.  These are GREAT questions.  I remember thinking the same thing.  I also remember looking a my teacher and thinking “wow, I want to do that, but I’m so scared”.   From a beginners place, mind, and mat, we learn the foundations of a yoga practice, the Basics, 101, Beginner, and that class can be tough for anyone who has never done yoga, and equally, for the experienced yogi, coming back to the beginning is a big teaching/learning lesson.  We all start somewhere, and yes, it is physically challenging.  Yet, how are YOU showing up?  (I ask myself this everyday before I teach a class)  Do you want to push your body hard, or maybe tune into the lesson on alignment, surrendering, letting go of expectations, opening the mind and heart to a new, potential life long PRACTICE that feeds the entire mind, body and soul.  For good health, and when health and physical body  is compromised there is a yoga practice.  When I hear “her class is hard”, I go inside, and revisit my teaching, and get very clear on how I taught “that” class, my language, poses, I really go back and redo the class on my own mat.  I’m very sure I’m teaching the level of yoga that my community is calling for.  Basic Yoga 101 and Hatha Level 1.  I’m very confident the other teachers are teaching “their” style of yoga with complete integrity for the students safety, level of knowledge, level of fitness.   I’m thrilled I get to hear feedback on the yoga classes, how it is shifting bodies, changing minds.  And I know one thing for sure, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING of long yoga relationship with my community.     As this article says it clearly:

    “Body not stiff, Mind stiff”~ Sri K Pattabhi Jois  and  “Whatever we do, so we become”~Patanjali  You can read the entire article from Elephant Journal here.

    Yoga is so many things besides being on your mat, that’s a blog for another day!  ~Get Interested!!


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