Class Description


Basic Hatha Yoga

Welcome to yoga—our foundational breath and alignment-based class is designed to introduce you to and build on the fundamentals of Hatha yoga. This class starts at the very beginning, and is made for real, honest-to-goodness beginners. Expect a downward-dog-free and chaturanga-free class overall, as your smart, well-practiced and compassionate teacher sets you up for empowerment and success in a well-rounded, skillful, and illuminating class for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. A safe and fun intro to our way of helping you love yoga the way we do. Absolutely EVERYONE can start here. This class is designed to take away the worries about your first yoga class and make your introduction to yoga an enjoyable experience.  You’ll learn what yoga is, where it came from, how to start your practice and how it can impact your life.

Hatha Blend Yoga

Each class is a creative blend of traditional Hatha Yoga postures occasionally combined with some movement linked with the breath. A strong emphasis on focused breathing is always included, and classes will vary each week in order to meet the needs of the students in attendance. Dialogue between students and teacher is encouraged for clarification and to potentially spend a bit more time on a topic, pose or body part.  Designed for the beginner or new to Yoga student, also a great refresher for the seasoned Yogi.

Align & Refine (formally All Levels)

Align & Refine teaches precision and alignment of yoga postures. The pace is slower as we develop strength and flexibility through longer holds of common and some not so common postures – expect a challenge as we give postures the time to imprint. There is greater detail of instruction and the opportunity for interaction and hands on adjustments. The perfect class for beginners and seasoned practitioners as you refine the relationship to your body and awaken to new habits.

Hatha Level 2 Practice

This class, aimed at building strength and stamina in body and mind, strikes a balance between flowing vinyasa movements and the longer holds of classical hatha. Postures are linked with breath to facilitate opening and release. Develop a deeper connection to your inner wisdom through attention to sensation and alignment. Explore your edge, and from there open your hips and heart! We invite you to have fun, honor your body, and work at your own pace. Not recommended for the very beginner yogi. Some Yoga experience is recommended.  90 Minute class.

Hatha Flow Leve 1-2 (formally Rise & Shine)

Firm and Tone hatha yoga for all levels  builds heat, strength and flexibility. Move through a series of postures strung together in creative sequences designed to help you find proper alignment and connection to your breath. Feel supported through gentle hands-on assists while you cleanse your body and focus your mind.

Chair Yoga with Mary McPhee 

Hunched or tight shoulders, achy back, compressed spine, osteopenia (low bone mass), disc injuries, crunched neck, wrist issues (carpal tunnel syndrome), tight hips and leg discomfort. Through “mindfulness” we learn how to release these old patterns and create new and positive muscle memory in our bodies. More acute health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, osteoporosis, obesity and scoliosis (curved spine) can improve from a daily yoga regimen. Mary McPhee will lead this chair yoga class.


Restorative Yoga is a series of supportive poses that allows your body to renew and heal. With the use of props (bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps), you will ease your body into yoga poses allowing for a gentle opening of chronically tight muscle groups. This practice aims to balance the nervous system, restore the immune system  and achieve deep relaxation. Come shed the stresses of daily life and discover a more relaxed and balanced you.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is an all-level practice. It is accessible as an entry-level practice and is also an excellent adjunct to an active Yoga practice. Yin yoga applies healthy stress to joints and connective tissue. Connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, and fascia) respond to long, steady, and moderate loads of stress by lengthening and growing stronger. Yin postures focus on the joint and connective tissue in the low back, pelvis, and hips. Although not a complicated physical practice, it can be quite challenging due to the long duration of the poses. For those with an established asana practice, yin postures provide space in which you can uncover subtle patterns of holding or clenching and then decide if they are helpful or necessary. Insights into these patterns can lead to greater freedom and flexibility in your physical practice, and in your life.

Happy Hour Hatha (coming soon)

Yoga is for everyone. Join us in this hatha class similar to our other hatha classes except it’s cheaper.  Hatha is an active practice that cultivates mindfulness through continuous movement linked with breath. We guide you through creative sequences, focusing on your alignment through verbal cues and gentle hands-on assists, while you build strength, flexibility and a deep connection between your body and mind. Happy Hour Price 7.00 this is the price for all students, including current pass holders.

Private Yoga Sessions:  With Stephanie Abbott, 70.00 for a 60 minute sessions by appointment only.

We offer many diverse classes that are a fit for “everybody”.  With the use of yoga props such as, blocks, bolsters, blankets and yoga straps, beginning a yoga practice becomes accessible to everybody.  You do not have to be young or flexible to take yoga.