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Chair Yoga All Levels

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. The poses, or Asanas, are often adaptations of Hatha yoga poses. "Those of you with disabilities, weight challenges, inflexibility, or who just cannot get on the floor for whatever reason (such as age or being in a crowded work environment) can benefit from a daily practice of yoga on a chair in the comfort of your home or office. The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of your body allowing you to take full advantage of yoga’s amazing fitness and health potential." Lakshmi Volker

Considering a Private Yoga Session?

Personal instruction allows for a more intimate view into your practice. You can start a new practice, deepen your practice or spend some time working with an injury or condition. When you work with a teacher one on one, the teacher is able to help you experience the benefits of yoga in a safe, personal way.

Zest Yoga & Wellness RYT 200 Certification 2017

Follow the above Link to see the dates for the 2017 RYT200 Zest Yoga Teacher Training.

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Our Customer Love Us

Read the reviews of some of our Customers.

“Responsibility. Family. Weight. School. Work. Chores. Husband. A small list constantly on repeat. Then it happened: I was invited to meet Steph at Zest. I was searching for something intangible. A place to find my breath. Steph was light-hearted, gentle and experienced. I finally found a safe place to practice yoga with gentle, expert guidance. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry but I always leave Zest better than I arrived.”

Amber Lehmer

Zest Yoga has opened up a whole new world for me not only mentally, but physically as well. My heart is stronger, my blood pressure is better and I can handle stress and anxiety from everyday life in a healthier way.”

Debbie Smith

The Zest Yoga teacher training is helping me change the way I think about myself in relationship to my body, my mind and my spirit. I am learning to let go of the notion that these are separate and disconnected entities. Through the practice of yoga and the Zest Yoga RYT200 Teacher Training I now see this connection as whole and unified. Thank you Stephanie for your wisdom, your knowledge and your commitment to Yoga. I am constantly being inspired by you.

Susan McCarthy